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Wet Your Beak With Drunk Hawk Man The Web Series

Wet Your Beak With Drunk Hawk Man The Web Series

These days, we are pretty spoiled for choice when it comes to fan-made web series. Though, on the whole, they tend to be gritty action re-imaginations. But one series asked the bold question: what is all of the superheroes were drunk?

Drink and Wink

Like, really drunk.

Hal Drink

You may have missed or overlooked this little gem, but like a designated driver, I’m here for you. Honestly, who wouldn’t enjoy a series that follows the misadventures of comic-inspired (but generically renamed) superheroes who spend more time boozing it up than fighting crime. The show is chock full of in-jokes for us comic nerds, including my personal favorite, a bastardized version of the Green Lantern oath that is accompanied by a lineup of rainbow colored shots.

Biggest no text

You’ll be hard pressed not to giggle and snort your way through the first season, which is conveniently available on the YouTubes.

Now, I know the big question your asking: were all the actors actually drunk? To answer that, I reached out to one of the series’ creators/writers/actors, Melinda-Catherine Gross, to find out.

I suppose it’s a testament to how we wrote the characters, because thankfully we were never drunk on set. Except once.

We had an amazing Prop Mistress throughout the production, Tara Lynn Quick. She’s the one who brought Ollie’s arrows, Hal’s shots, and so many other amazing items to life. The day that we were shooing the “Date Night” restaurant scenes, she had a bottle of diet root beer to look like a stout for me to hold. Unfortunately, it somehow got mixed into the Kraft services table, people had been drinking out of it all day. So by the time we got to the scene, the soda had gone flat and didn’t look like beer anymore. It was our last scene of the day and we were shooing at an apartment that I knew had beer in the fridge. I suggested that we just use the actual beer, after all, I wasn’t going to be drinking it.

After we shot the scripted scene, Drew Hamilton, our director, turned to me and asked if he could just get a shot of me chugging this beer. I kind of side eyed him and reluctantly agreed. After all, it was the last shot of the day, what could go wrong? We had everything set up and in one glorious shot, I chugged the whole thing down. I was waiting for Drew to call cut, when suddenly hear the most shame-felt voice go, “Um… you’re going to hate me”. Everyone had been SO impressed at my alcoholic prowess (clearly), that Drew didn’t notice that the camera hadn’t been recording. It is the ONLY time on set that happened. And of course I ended up having to shoot the scene two more times. With two more beers.

Needless to say, I didn’t not help strike set that evening.

I have to say, one of the things I really love about this series is that, despite the funny anecdotes, it was something so clearly made by fans for fans. There’s a lot of drinking jokes and a good deal of raunch, but at its core, there is a real love for the characters. Drunk Hawk Man is a series worth your time. You can find the episodes, and evil masterminds behind them, on YouTube, Facebook and their home page (but do be sure to read the hilarious cast and crew credits).


Drink up!

Image Credits: Drunk Hawk Man

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