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Weird Things You Have To Explain To Supernatural Newbies

Weird Things You Have To Explain To Supernatural Newbies

Chances are pretty solid that if you’ve spent any time on websites like Tumblr, you’ve come across the Supernatural fandom. We’re a big bunch, and a loud one, too. After all, Supernatural has been on television for over ten years, but even still there are new people joining the fandom all the time, which is awesome! Of course, even though this is a rad fandom to be a part of, with our mantras like “family don’t end in blood”, we still might look a bit crazy pants from the outside. So when we get a new person to join the ranks, you’ve got to prepare them for some of the unique aspects of this little family.

We Like the Devil, and Angels are Dicks



Okay, so Lucifer is bad, sure, but he’s also super funny and charming. Played by Mark Pellegrino, the Supernatural fandom has a weird love for for the Devil. It’s not that he’s not a bad guy–he totally is, he’s the ultimate Big Bad–but we still get weirdly excited when he comes around. He’s kind of the Moriarty of the Supernatural fandom. But as much as we enjoy an episode with Luci, we tend to not like other angels (aside from Castiel). Dean puts it best: angels are dicks. They’re largely heartless drones who don’t care about anyone. Sure, there have been other exceptions apart from Cas, but he’s the only cool angel to stick around.

Yes, There Are Supernatural Fans Who Ship Sam and Dean… Just be cool, okay?

Sam and Dean


Every family’s got those more… eccentric members, and Wincest shippers (you read that right, Winchester+incest=Wincest) fill that role in our Supernatural family. It’s one of those aspects of the fandom that you either get and are totally a part of, or you just acknowledge its there and move on. Even better, Sam and Dean know about Wincest, too. They’re not happy about it (we’ll get to that weirdness in a minute).

Assbut Is A Perfectly Acceptable Insult



This insult has only been lobbed at someone once in the entire 11 seasons of the show, and yet no insult has stuck with us more. Try it out the next time you’re in a verbal altercation with someone. It works great for confusing and shutting down anyone coming against you–even archangels.

Sam and Dean Have Died And Come Back to Life a Lot. It’s Still Always Sad.

Sam Crying


I’ve had to hear, “They won’t stay dead. Why are you sad?” SO MANY TIMES. Sure, it’s sort of the boys thing to die brutally and come back to life (a reaper recently told Sam that Death himself found it funny), but the fact is when Sam or Dean, dies it always tears the other brother apart, and the dead brother never returns without some horrible baggage that he has to sift through. Plus, every time one of the boys die, there is always the fear that this death may be their last, especially as more and more seasons pass. It’s not likely Sam and Dean will get happy endings.

Does Someone Still Have a Soul After Being Hit With a Holy Molotov Cocktail?

Adam in the Pit


Ah, Adam Winchester. The poor half brother of Sam and Dean that was pulled into the Pit with Sam. The actual argument is whether Cas killed Adam when he threw the holy molotov cocktail on Adam–just after calling him an assbutt–or if Adam is still stuck in the Pit with Lucifer. It’s such a debated topic that it got brought up in the show’s 200th episode. Really, any argument that is made up of the apocalypse and holy molotov cocktails is a weird one.

Yes. That Gif You’ve Seen Is Probably From the Actual Show, Not a Gag Reel

Sam Winchester Herpes

For a show that can be so incredibly gut-wrenching, it can also be incredibly hilarious and goofy, and we’ve got the gifs to prove it. Like the gif above, that one of Sam getting racked on a Japanese game show, the time where Sam and Dean playing doctors on the show Dr. Sexy, or the one with the suicidal teddy bear. These are all real episodes. The show thrusts the boys into some incredibly bizarre situations. From meta-sodes to sticking them in TV land, dealing with cartoon-style violence, or putting them in a Groundhog Day-style scenario, the boys have had their fair share of goofy and weird. It’s the perfect chaser for the utter tragedy that lurks in the shows shadows. And speaking of meta-sodes…

Supernatural‘s Been On Supernatural in Graphic Novel, TV Show, and Musical Form

This is probably one of the weirdest things to explain. Thanks to the prophet, Chuck, Sam and Dean’s story has been immortalized in a series of graphic novels called, well, Supernatural. Ultimately, the boys discover the books and learn about their fans (including Wincest shippers). Most recently in the show’s 200th episode, the boys stumble upon a high school putting on a musical version of Supernatural (much to Dean’s chagrin). Of course the weirdest meta-sode has to be the time Sam and Dean are tossed into an alternate universe where Supernatural is just a TV show and they are actors named Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. It’s weird, I know. Just go with it.

Bottom line? Supernatural can be weird, but it’s ultimately awesome, and it’s a fandom that really works to do good. What did I miss, Supernatural family? What weird things do you have to explain to new watchers? Tell me in the comments! 

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