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Web Series to Watch Until TV Comes Back

Web Series to Watch Until TV Comes Back

Summer is a barren land for many of our favorite TV shows as they take a well-deserved break and start working on the next season. In the meantime for us viewers, we feel starved for amazing content to keep us entertained (and inside) during these steamy summer months. But there’s actually still plenty of new content out there on the internet. In fact, we’ve rounded up a few web series to help fill those extra hours as you wait out the premiere dates for new and returning TV shows in the fall.


Based on a Gothic novella by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, Carmilla is one of the most popular web series on YouTube. The series follows Laura as she starts at a new university, only to have her new roommate disappear inexplicably, replaced by the mysterious Carmilla. I don’t want to spoil anything, but when she arrives on the scene, strange things start happening with this girl. The show is funny with elements of mystery and drama mixed in, guaranteeing you’ll be addicted before you know it!

Classic Alice

Classic Alice is for all of you book nerds out there. The show follows a college student named Alice as she tries to live out her life through the pages of classic literature. There are almost 70 episodes to date for you to catch up on—plus tons of extra content—ensuring you’ll really get into the world of the wacky characters. You might even have some campus nostalgia.

Geek Cred

Geek Cred is a show about a group of people who all work together at a comic book store. Starring Michele Boyd, Wes Robertson, Damion Poitier, and Daniel Beals, this comedy series features quirky characters mixed with tons of comic book love. Plus, they have some pretty cool guest stars in their first 5 episodes—so look closely!

H+: The Digital Series

H+ is a web series produced by Bryan Singer and created by John Cabrera and Cosimo De Tommaso. The series takes place in a world where people can get an implanted computer in their brain in order to seamlessly connect to the Internet constantly. Only there’s an issue: a virus has begun to attack the implants, and this is where the story begins. Episodes jump around in time, and across various character points of view, in order to show the impact of the virus. There are almost 50 episodes to get caught up, though, so get started now!

The Guild

If you haven’t watched The Guild, now is the perfect time to catch up. Created by and starring our hero Felicia Day, The Guild arguably paved the way for web series as an industry. Plus, it introduced fans (like me!) to the world of MMORPG for the first time.

Also, make sure to check out all of Geek & Sundry’s current series.

What web series are you watching? Add some recommendations in the comments.

Featured Image Photo: Sophie Giraud/Smokebomb

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