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Wayward Daughters Academy: The Best New Supernatural Fundraiser

Wayward Daughters Academy: The Best New Supernatural Fundraiser

Fandoms giving back is certainly nothing new, but the Supernatural fandom seems to particularly love giving back to the community. For instance the actor who plays Castiel, Misha Collins, started the non profit, Random Acts, which does good and encourages the fandom to help those in need around the globe. This charity is also the mastermind behind the crazy scavenger hunt, GISHWHES, which has people going around the world doing crazy things to promote happiness, make new friends, and commit random acts of kindness.

Random Acts alone has been able to do amazing things, and a great deal of the cast has joined in with Misha to do good all over the world. Jared Padalecki recently got in on the fundraising game with his Always Keep Fighting tee shirt campaigns, raising money for organizations like To Write Love On Her Arms that provide help and promote awareness for depression, self-harm suicide, addiction, suicide, and mental illness.  Well, it seems we have a new fundraiser on the block, and it’s pretty rad.

If you’ve poked around the Supernatural tags on Tumblr at all, chances are good you’ve come across the Wayward Daughters spin-off idea. In a nutshell, the show would focus on Sheriffs Donna and Jody as well as the other great female characters we’ve met along the way like Chrissy, Claire, and Alex and their hunting adventures. I’ll be honest: even just imagining a show like that gets me excited, so I was ecstatic to hear about the latest fundraiser coming from the fandom: The Wayward Daughters Academy.

Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster, the actresses who play Sheriff Jody and Donna respectively, are promoting a shirt with a Wayward Daughters Academy logo on it to raise money for Random Acts and their work helping homeless and at-risk women. That’s right. It’s a Wayward Daughters campaign being run by the Sheriffs themselves. See:

The campaign itself is incredibly awesome–and the shirts feature a design on them by Riley Keshner that look AMAZING–and runs through December 18, 2015. The brains behind Wayward Daughters Academy, however, have a lot more in mind than just one tee-shirt campaign.

If you head to the Academy’s website, you’ll see that their goal reaches far beyond one fundraiser. While the entire idea may have started out of a group of fangirls dreaming about a Supernatural spin-off featuring their favorite characters, they’ve created an organization dedicated to positive representations of females in the Supernatural universe (so no more killing our faves and dumping them in bathtubs please???), media at large, and creating a fun and supportive community for women to be a part of.

They’re also doing what they can to make Wayward Daughters an actual reality in the SPN-verse. What makes Wayward Daughters Academy more than just a bunch of fangirls writing fanfic (though there’s nothing wrong with that) is that they’re also committed to doing good, they’re actively working to create a community behind the idea, and they have the support of the cast itself. In addition to the faces of the tee campaign, Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster, Misha Collins has even come out in support of the campaign:

This is the Supernatural fandom at its best and most creative: creating a community out of nothing, dreaming about the future of the show, and working to create a better, more positive and inclusive future for generations to come of Supernatural fans. I know I personally can’t wait to see what awesome things are to come from the Wayward Daughters Academy, and you know I’ll be crossing my fingers for a Wayward Daughters spinoff.

If you haven’t gotten yourself a Wayward Daughters Academy shirt, get one before the campaign ends on December 18. Of course, never fear if the campaign has ended, you can always follow Wayward Daughters Academy on Twitter to keep up to date on the latest goings-on for the group, and keep an ear out for future campaigns!

Have you heard of Wayward Daughters Academy? What would you like to see the organization do in the fandom and the community at large? What are your thoughts on a Wayward Daughters Supernatural spin-off? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 


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