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Watch This Gorgeous  Trailer for a Legend of Zelda Animated Movie

Watch This Gorgeous Trailer for a Legend of Zelda Animated Movie

As a game, Majora’s Mask is one of the most challenging installments in the Zelda canon. However, by pure virtue of the clip below, it may soon prove to be the most natural to adapt into film. Is this teaser proof that Nintendo’s ambition to produce animated features based on its own brands is already bearing fruit? Or is it, perhaps, our first glimpse at the long-rumored Legends of Zelda show that could finally be streaming out of Netflix? Well, give it a watch, and try to discern from whence it came.

Isn’t this animation as dazzling as anything in a A-budget movie by Pixar or DreamWorks? Now, would you believe it’s actually a fan film? Actually, the label might not be too fitting. Are the artists at the Orange, CA-based EmberLab fans of Zelda? Most certainly. But they’re also all top-flight professionals at an animation and effects house that regularly produces work of this caliber…

The outfit hasn’t nailed down a release date for their epic homage, but when it does drop, it’s sure to be as much of a treat for the ears as it is a feast for the eyes. The composer known as Theophany is providing the score, having already recorded an entire concept album in tribute to the same game. That long-form orchestral piece, Terrible Fate, is currently available for the listening pleasure of all.

Majora’s Mask sees Link reliving the same three days, over and over again; navigating a series of Byzantine puzzles that may help him prevent the Moon from crashing into Earth. Throughout his oft-repeating mission, the hero dons a number of masks which both transform him and grant him additional, unique abilities. The game has one of the most off-beat plots in the whole Zelda franchise, and it might soon prove to be the most compelling cinematically.

Are you dying to see this Majora’s Mask film in full? Which Zelda game has the best story, in your humble opinion? Fill the talkback with your thoughts, hopes, and opinions. 

Featured Image Credit: EmberLab

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