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Voiceover Artist Does Disney Impressions to Disneyland Characters

Nearly three years ago, Brian Hull posted a video of himself singing “Let It Got” in the voices of characters from various Disney and Pixar films. Since then, Hull’s regularly updated YouTube channel has proven his talent to recreate Disney voices. Earlier this month, Hull posted a video that chronicled his recent trip to Disneyland where he tried out his Disney voices on the cast members portraying the Disney characters in the park. And as you’ll soon see, it was delightful!

“I always wondered, how the Disney characters at the park would react to my impressions, and they didn’t disappoint,” exclaimed Hull in his description for the video. The Tigger and Winnie the Pooh cast members seemed to be particularly charmed by Hull’s voices, but it was the Mad Hatter who had the absolute best reaction. Much to the apparent annoyance of the young woman playing Alice, Hull and the Mad Hatter ended up sharing a lot of fun banter without either one of them breaking character. The “Mirror Hatter” was an especially great touch.

Naturally, Hull didn’t leave out Disney’s biggest male characters; and he took the time to find the cast members dressed as Goofy, Donald Duck, and Mickey Mouse. The Donald cast member seemed to be overjoyed to meet someone who could pull off Donald’s nearly incomprehensible vocal patterns. It also helped that Hull was very familiar with the catchphrases for each of his chosen characters.

In a follow-up video, Hull revealed that a few of the Disneyland character cast members recognized him from the previous clips and eagerly took pictures with him as he once again showed off what he can do with his voice.

What did you think about Hull’s vocal impressions at Disneyland? Think Disney line this guy up for a voice gig, ASAP? Let us know in the comment section below!

Image Credit: Brian Hull

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