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Understanding the Wonderfully Weird World of Night Vale

Welcome to Night Vale is strange in the most amazing ways. Girls who have been 19-years old their entire lives, a mother of a shapeshifter, men with the most beautiful hair; the community of Night Vale manages to find itself in the oddest situations. Did the star quarterback just grow another head? Has a hole in time just opened up in the middle of the city? And can you believe that (REDACTED BY THE SECRET POLICE)? The town of Night Vale is anything but boring, and twice-monthly, we are invited into their world of strange beings and lots of humor.

We sent out the brave Becca Scott to talk to the masterminds behind the series, as well as the new book and stage play. Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor talk about their favorite characters to write for, their favorite episodes of the podcast, and what advice they have for aspiring writers. And believe it or not, it’s not “All Hail the Mighty Glowing Cloud.” For anyone looking to create distinct character or a world unlike anything you can believe, this is one interview you cannot miss.

Confused? Maybe you should catch up on the latest “Welcome to Night Vale” podcast or check out their book. For fans of Twin Peaks or Gravity Falls, you’ve just found your new home. Just don’t go to the dog park. Trust us on this on.

Featured Image: Welcome to Night Vale

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