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Ultimate Geek Camping Supplies

Ultimate Geek Camping Supplies

We are in the thick of summer, cookouts, picnics, and camping are filling up schedules as the months wind down. If you’re a geek who loves the outdoors, there’s many ways to incorporate full on geekiness into your vacation time. Whether you’re checking out Vasquez Rocks from Star Trek or spending your evenings telling chilling campfire tales, you’re going to need to pack some purposeful gear. Check out these awesome supplies that have a twist of tech, irony and fun to set you up for the ultimate geek camping trip.

ikeep-07162015iKeep charger via Outblush
Keep your phone at your hip with a clip and a charger in one. Perfect for rock climbing and instagramming at the same time. Hold up, don’t do that.

log pillow-07162015Log Pillow by Kikkerland
The irony of bringing pillows that look like logs out into the wilderness is too funny to pass up. These comfy pillows make for great sleeping arrangements, just don’t accidentally throw one onto the fire.

silicone leaf plates-07162015Silicone Leaf Plates via Momastore
These plates are pricey, but they’re art! And really, why not spare no expense when you can eat like a Hobbit?

shoe lights-07162015Shoe Lights by Uncle Milton
If you want a hands free nighttime walk, these clip on shoe lights are the way to go. You can also switch them to nightview mode, fooling everyone into thinking you’re the world’s smallest Cylon.

bunk bed cot-07162015Bunk Bed Cot via Oddity Mall
This is like The Lego Movie come to life. How can you resist an outdoor Double Decker Couch? That idea is just – the worst. And by “the worst,” we mean “the best!”

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