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TV Stars Discuss the Dangers of Binge-Watching

TV Stars Discuss the Dangers of Binge-Watching

We’re all guilty of it. Snuggled into our couches with beverage of choice in hand, clothed in our comfiest sweatpants (if any pants at all), we sink deep into the world of on-demand television. The phenomenon began with the ability to record our evening stories via a VCR and a VHS tape, then came the boxed sets of TV series on DVD, and now modern binge-watching comes in the easiest form of all–video streaming.

As magical as on-demand entertainment has become, some still wonder if streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu are a blessing or a curse. Are we in danger of losing ourselves to the streets of Pawnee, or in Hell’s Kitchen alongside Jessica Jones and Matt Murdock? Some of the most beloved of small screen celebrities have taken time out of their busy schedule to speak with Entertainment Weekly about the binge-watching epidemic.

Fortunately, there are strategies for enjoying the best possible streaming binge, starting with proper preparation.

  1. Browse recommendation lists online, like Reddit’s Best of Netflix thread, that are consistently updated with the latest quality finds.
  2. Be sure to check your internet connection before the inaugural episode, because is there anything worse than a loading screen in the middle of a binge?
  3. Set up your chosen location with snacks, drinks, blankets, and the like before pressing play. You’ll be glad you did.
  4. If your streaming service allows, enable the feature in settings that ignites continuous play. This is the key to binge-watching a series.
  5. Viewing your shows under a personal profile and actually rating your favorites will help the program to generate recommendations that fit your TV type.

With knowledge of the consequences of the activity, binge-watch at your own risk.

What shows do you binge-watch from start to finish? Do you have any tips on binge-watching that we haven’t talked about? Tell us in the comments below, on Twitter @GeekandSundry, or on Facebook.

Featured Image Credit: EW

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