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This World Champion Ice Skater May or May Not Be Sailor Moon

This World Champion Ice Skater May or May Not Be Sailor Moon

Russian figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva is a world champion. She’s also an anime fan. She’s basically me, except she can actually land a triple salchow and I never quite got my double. When you’re a young skater, your coach and usually your parents make the decision about your skating routine. They decide your music, you moves, and even what you wear. So when you start to mature and gain a sense of individuality, figure skating can be a unique way of expressing yourself.

Sailor Moon Skater 3

Medvedeva is very public about her love of anime. She takes selfies with her Totoro plushie and can recite the lyrics of the Sailor Moon theme song in Japanese. Doing so has won her the hearts of many Japanese fans. To show her appreciation, she performed a special Sailor Moon number, transformation and all, at the 2016 Dreams on Ice event in Nagaoka, Japan.


Her routine was such a hit that Sailor Moon mangaka Naoko Takeuchi personally presented her with a signed art piece of Princess Serenity.

Earlier this year, 25 year-old Canadian figure skater Kevin Reynolds won our love when he performed a Cowboy Bebop routine to the show’s theme song “Tank” while dressed as Spike Spiegel. He also performed a Legend of Zelda number in 2010, and Japanese fans adore him too. What’s not to love about these two? They’re geeking out just like the rest of us.

What anime theme would you like to see performed as an ice skating routine? I can still do most of my spins and a few jumps, but I’m not making any promises. Share your wishlist in the comments!

Featured image credit: Fuji TV
Image credits: Fuji TV, Evgenia Medvedeva

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