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This Star Wars Totem-Influenced Art is Beautiful

This Star Wars Totem-Influenced Art is Beautiful

Star Wars has a cultural influence that spans generations and surpasses the role of simply a form of entertainment. Influenced by the “indigenous work of the Puget Sound cultures”, artist Scott Erickson seeks to bring together the story of Star Wars with the stories of the “artifacts” that have influenced his art. Scott believes that Star Wars “is a melding of many mythic stories” and over time “lines from the movie and characters began to weave their way into some of our cultural language.” In his art, Scott examines this connection, creating beautiful pieces of work that demonstrate a variety of influences. Whether you’re a fan of this indigenous style or just Star Wars, you’ll likely enjoy the pieces below. Take a look!



Don’t let this intimidating Darth Vader scare you–he’s only 4 feet tall. Actually, nevermind, that’s even scarier.



How adorable is this reimagined R2D2? Now if only he could actually move and become my new BFF.



Looking for a quick trip across the galaxy? Grab a ticket on this Millennium Falcon.


But wait, this art is more than something to look at. Scott has received “encouraging” feedback from Native American colleagues who see it as a way “to broach conversations within their own community about the creative limitations they encounter when their contemporary work is viewed through the lens of traditional arts”. How cool is that?

Make sure to check out all of Scott’s Star Wars pieces on his website. You can even purchase some art there! Also, follow him on Twitter and Instagram to see more of his work.
Which Star Wars totem piece is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

All Images Credit: Alliance Rebellion

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