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This Season on LearningTown…

This Season on LearningTown…

Paul and Storm here.

You know that dream where you’re sitting down for a final exam, and you realize you haven’t cracked a book all year because you spent all your time thinking of insane, fun ideas involving old-school TV hosts, songs, puppets, fire extinguishers, dumpsters, slap fights, hipsters and creepy TV executives?

Well, we’re experiencing it right now. But the good news is, the exam happens to coincide precisely with our daydreaming. So now, after more than a year filled with writing (with our head writer, Josh Cagan); gentle prodding, wisdom and encouragement, and less-gentle prodding from producer Kim Evey and the overlords at Geek & Sundry; and nearly a month of filming (with director Sean Becker and an intimidatingly-talented cast and crew)…we’re finally almost ready to heave LearningTown out into the world.

Even with all that talent working with us, we still angsted (even though that’s not technically a verb), because we’d never done anything like this before. Our whole careers, we’ve been touring musicians and live performers; LearningTown is really the first time we’ve acted on film. Film acting is sort of like performing live for a single audience member, who has a solitary, unblinking glass-and-metal eye; is being carried by a cameraman; and stores all his memories in unforgiving HD. Also, the whole time, you don’t quite know what to do with your hands.

In short: we were TERRIFIED.

But not for long; we jumped in with both feet–sometimes literally (see episode three)–and it didn’t take us too long to get used to the metaphorical water. Plus, we had no choice, because a machine with dozens of people working on it wasn’t going to stop and wait for our insecure **** to get over ourselves. And it didn’t hurt that LearningTown’s other two principal characters, Cookie Tuesdays and Teddy, were played by the amazing Bresha Webb and fellow music-comedy miscreant Mike Phirman, respectively. Along the way, we recruited other super-talented and funny friends (the “I Can’t Believe They All Said ‘Yes’” Players) to bring all of LearningTown’s oddball characters to life.

Now we can hardly wait for you to see the sets–plural! More than one!–the puppets (Lyman, Heathfield, Branson, Birdbird, and Steve), the dance numbers–plural! More than one!–and all the rest of it. And we can’t wait to hear what you have to say about the characters, storylines, and music videos–all of which were, not so very long ago, just ideas Josh and we kicked around the table while eating generic-brand ruffled potato chips.

But we gotta wait, just a little bit longer. And once LearningTown finally launches, we get to deal with entirely new angst, as we hope that a significant enough and demographically-desirable enough chunk of the world learns about it, watches it, and loves it enough to pester their friends to give it a look as well. And of course like, favorite, subscribe, tweet, retweet, Pin, Tumbl, G+, Bing, text, sext, frext, MySpace, hyperwave, BrainPal, Friendster, and Ask Jeeves about it.

And that is the real test, right?

Photo by Alexa Hann

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