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This DIY Life-Size BB-8 Droid is Super Awesome

Most of us fall somewhere on the spectrum of the Star Wars fandom continuum. For Angelo Casimiro, a super-savvy 17-year-old National Robotics Champion (coolest title ever) from the Philippines, the appeal only came with the latest film. It must have had a mega effect on him though, because he took it upon himself to create a smartphone-controlled, life-size BB-8 droid out of circuit boards and normal stuff he found laying around the house, like roll-on deodorant balls and an old router antenna! The project only set him back $120, so we’re not talking about breaking the bank, either.

The little guy can roll around and make droid sounds, just like you see in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. He’s controlled by an Arduino iPhone app that’s used for remote control cars and is connected to a Bluetooth board inside the droid. The best thing is, Angelo isn’t holding his how-to secrets close to his chest. He has actually been making DIY YouTube videos for a while now, so this tutorial on how to build a BB-8 is pretty perfect. He doesn’t move too fast or too slow and he explains everything in a very straightforward way, which is great for all the less tech-savvy folks (like myself). Angelo also posted the written instructions on Instructables, if reading is more your jam.

It’ll come as no surprise that Angelo’s dream is to mass manufacture a Filipino-made solar powered car, because this kid’s brain boasts some complex wiring. Whatever he’s being fed, can I have some?

Are you going to try constructing this BB-8 from Angelo’s DIY tutorial? Let us know in the comments below!

HT: Gadgetmatch

IMAGES: YouTube/TechBuilder

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