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Get Meta With These Self-Referential TableTop Games

Get Meta With These Self-Referential TableTop Games

Dice Hate Me Games, the folks who brought you Deck Building: The Deck Building Game, have three new entries into their “joke” meta-game line that should be gobbled up with a spoon by inside-joke loving tabletop fanatics and also people who just enjoy games.


All three of these games (Time Management: The Time Management Game, Trick-Taking: The Trick-Taking Game, and Traitor Mechanic: The Traitor Mechanic Game) employ two popular board game mechanics to create a meta laden experience.


Personally, I enjoy traitor-based games where someone is secretly working against the other players in an otherwise collaborative environment, like Battlestar Galactica and Betrayal At The House On The Hill. This takes that same game style and actually makes you play as auto mechanics… and one of you is the traitor. It’s hilarious, and more importantly, this game looks to play a whole lot faster and be more portable than most other traitor mechanic games.

Their other games work much the same way. While the depth of the joke may be lost on your local bridge club, Trick-Taking: The Trick-Taking Game stands out as being an easy entry point for your friends who mostly play Hearts or Whist. The game’s conceit of rival magicians stealing each others’ tricks before the big magic show is also charming. If you’re tempted and you’d like to try before you buy, all three games are available as free print-and-play versions on the Kickstarter Page.

This is the second time that Dice Hate Me Games has created a handful of these meta games through Kickstarter, but for this round they ran an online contest to design a few of the games. Tick-Taking and Time Management are both derived from those entries and the company is sharing a percentage of the profits of these games with their originators. Any way you slice it, that’s a good thing.

What would your entry have been? Jump into the comments and leave us your best high concept meta game ideas that would use a specific game mechanic and parody the same in name and story. Well, leave us MOST of your ideas and keep the best ones in your back pocket because they might have another of these contests next year.

Here’s one from me: Worker Placement: The Worker Placement Game where you all manage understaffed staffing agencies trying to use your few workers to help other people hire workers for their factories. Hey, that’s not half bad. Someone get Dice Hate Me Game on the phone!

Image Credit: Dice Hate Me Games

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