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These Dudes Want $20 Million to Re-Shoot Game of Thrones

These Dudes Want $20 Million to Re-Shoot Game of Thrones

If “LOL wut?” was your initial response to this headline, you’re not alone. I’m taking this with a grain of salt, but apparently there are some people willing to put their money were their mouth is. If people are just giving away free money, I would like some money in my mouth. I just have this grain of salt and it’s kinda gross.

Allow me to explain:

David Panfilo, Vincent Pezzutti, and Sean Ireland aren’t too happy with how HBO has been handling the Dorne scenes in Game of Thrones, so they’re attempting to put together a project called Fixing Dorne. On the TV show, we meet prince Doran Martell, Dorne’s ruler and brother to the late Oberyn Martell. The prince is striving for peace, but he seems to be the only one who wants it. Meanwhile Ellaria Sand, Oberyn’s lover and mother to the Sand Snakes, is thirsty for revenge on all things Lannister. Fans of the books know that the TV show is drastically different with this particular plot line. If I recall A Feast For Crows correctly, the Sand Snakes actually befriend princess Myrcella to try to make her the queen of the Seven Kingdoms and start a war against the Lannisters, who would be expected to side with Mycerlla’s younger brother, Tommen.

Image credit: HBO

Some people dislike where the TV show took the story and how they portray the Sand Snakes. So now, Panfilo and his team are attempting to raise money to film their own version of the Dorne storyline that will lean more towards the books, without being total purists. They think the HBO team did a great job visually, but that the characters and story aren’t quite right. What they intend to do is to re-shoot scenes that you can view while watching the already produced Game of Thrones episodes from seasons 5 and 6. Basically, you’d watch Thrones as normal, then when the Dornish scenes come on, you’d pause the show and watch their scenes online instead.

By now you’re wondering, “Why do they need $20 million to do this?” According to their estimations, each episode of Game of Thrones costs approximately $5-6 million to make. Based on these costs multiplied by the amount of screen time they estimate that they need to fill, this will cost approximately $20 million.

The Sand Snakes by Teela Wyman

As someone with nearly a decade of experience in the TV industry, this leaves me with several questions:

  1. Are they serious? HBO could potentially shut down a high budget production, and then what happens to the contributor’s money? Their stretch goals include things like getting current cast members to reprise their roles. Pretty sure the actors’ contracts have a big “NOPE” next to that clause. They also intend to “…extend an offer of seven million dollars to George R. R. Martin to use at his discretion if he will canonize our project as the ‘real’ adaptation of the Dornish plotline from page to screen.” A fan-film can easily be made with a few grand, so how do we know they’re not trying to pull a big scam by making something lower budget and keeping the rest of the money?
  2. No, that’s pretty much my only question.

Here’s the other big catch, these guys will only receive money if they can reach their $20 million goal by June 4. If they don’t raise the money then they get nothing. So far, they’ve raised over $24,000 via Kickstarter. That’s admirable, but no where near close to their goal. If they fail to reach their goal, maybe they should aim smaller. If they truly believe the story is the most important thing, then they can still make something of admirable quality without a ton of money. We’ve seen it done many times before.

What do you think about this project? Let us know in the comments!

Featured image credit: Fixing Dorne Productions

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