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These Are The Geeky Holiday Cards You Are Looking For

These Are The Geeky Holiday Cards You Are Looking For

The holidays: a special time of the year where you hang out with your family, stuff yourself with some incredible food, and stand around the greeting card section for hours picking up one obnoxious greeting card after the other in your search for the perfect one. We here at Geek & Sundry want to help you out with one of these problems and we’re not going to take your leftovers. (But if you could pass us some mashed potatoes, that would be great. Thank you.)

These geeky holiday cards will warm your heart and put a smile on your face. Feel free to share them with friends, family, arch-nemesis-es, general acquaintances, non-Earth 1218/Earth 33 doppelgangers, or whoever else you’d like.

But wait, that’s not all! We want to see what awesomely geeky greeting cards you can come up with. Spread the joy of geekery by creating your own holiday cards and sharing them with us on socials. Do you have a great idea for a Supernatural card? (Get off the tree, Castiel!) Or maybe there’s a good Firefly card you’ve always wanted to send out. (When a man walks down the street in a Christmas hat like that, people know that he’s not afraid of anything.) Now is the time to help out your fellow geek by making something that can truly express the holiday spirit. Send us a tweet with your sweet, sweet holiday hellos.





Feel free to share our holiday greetings, and don’t forget to send us some of your own! 

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