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The Year of the Zombie: The Undead Invade Comic-Con

The Year of the Zombie: The Undead Invade Comic-Con

Zombies have been around forever, but this year at San Diego Comic Con, the undead or “infected” were almost everywhere. Between studio and network panels, zombies had the year of their non-lives. Here are a few zombie projects we dug up from the big convention.

The “Sneaky & Polite” Zombie

pride and prejudice and zombiesPhoto Credit: EW

Matt Smith had two zombie (ish) projects in San Diego this year. First up was Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Developed from a book of the same name by writer Seth Grahame-Smith, this film features the terrifying kinds of zombies that are hiding amongst us. Instead of turning fully from the start, these zombies keep people ultra paranoid because you just can’t tell who is trying to eat your brains or just simply creepy. Plus it’s in Jane Austen-era, so there aren’t any machine guns around to protect yourself. Instead Elizabeth Bennet has to pick off the zombies one by one, all while trying to avoid Mr. Darcy’s pursuits.

The “Not-Technically” a Zombie

While the “infected” of Patient Zero aren’t technically zombies (they aren’t un-dead), their scare-factor hasn’t diminished. These infected humans have taken over most of the Earth forcing non-infected humans into a bunker for safety. Doctors and scientists need to find patient zero in order to reverse engineer an antidote. While this obviously could totally happen, the scariest part comes when the infected seem to join together to hunt the uninfected who are now trapped in a bunker. Great! But Matt Smith’s character has the ability to communicate with them and might be their only way to find patient zero. Also, Stanley Tucci plays an infected human so you know it will be amazing. Natalie Dormer and John Bradley from Game of Thrones also star in this flick.

The “It’s Too Real” Zombie

As if The Walking Dead didn’t seem real enough, now a new show from the creators will be premiering on AMC. Fear The Walking Dead follows a family as a zombie apocalypse takes over the world. I’m not sure what’s worse, a horde of mindless killers hungry only for human flesh or teenage angst. Really, it’s a toss up. Luckily, this show seems to greatly diverge from the original, showing the lead up to the zombie apocalypse rather than simply the aftermath.

In addition to the above, favorites such as The Walking Dead and iZombie returned to San Diego as well. With all of these different ways for us to turn into zombies, I hope we can all still make it to SDCC again next year!

Cover Photo by Justin Lubin/AMC
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