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The X-Files Revival: Here’s What You Need To Know

The X-Files Revival: Here’s What You Need To Know

They’re here! Over 20 years after the original series began airing, all of us fans of The X-Files are exploding with excitement. Maybe you don’t know what the big fuss is about. Maybe you’re intrigued but don’t want to watch over 200 episodes of the original series and two movies. Have no fear! Below I give you a quick run-down of important characters that will be in the revival, where we left off, and what you can expect in the upcoming 6 episodes. Let’s get started!

**Obviously, SPOILERS for The X-Files Seasons 1-9 Below**

The Story

Here’s a gross oversimplification of the first nine seasons. The X-Files is about FBI Agent Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and his quest to find his sister and investigate paranormal activities. The FBI basically thinks he’s insane and sends Agent Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) to spy on him and report back.

Over the course of the nine years, Mulder and Scully become fiercely loyal to one another and to their task of exposing the truth of an alien conspiracy perpetrated by the United States government. Essentially, they discover the collusion and cover-up by a group called the Syndicate working within the US government. The Syndicate conspires with aliens to bring their race to Earth. Ok, it’s starting to get complicated but basically, Mulder and Scully have sacrificed family, happiness, health, and the general having of a life for this cause. This includes their son William, who Scully gave up for adoption towards the end of season 9.

If you watch the two-hour series finale, you get a great overview of the mythology elements of the show. In addition to the series finale, watching the second movie I Want To Believe will bring you up to date on where we left off character-wise. However, you’ll still be missing out on a lot of emotional history so I encourage you to watch the original series when you have like 3 months of time to dedicate to it.

The Characters

Fox Mulder

fox mulder

Photo Credit: FOX

Agent Mulder’s dedication to the X-files at the FBI stems from the alien abduction of his sister when he was younger. Mulder’s motivation for working on cases defying explanation always traces back to his missing sister and the alien conspiracy that led to her abduction. Mulder’s myopic search for the truth often causes him to react in stubborn and irrational ways. This causes almost constant tension between him and Scully. He wholeheartedly believes that “The Truth Is Out There”. When we last saw Mulder, he was no longer working with the FBI and instead living as a recluse, still obsessed with the unexplained.

Dana Scully

dana scully

Photo Credit: FOX

After being assigned to the X-files to spy on Mulder, Dana Scully plays the role of skeptic. She’s first and foremost a scientist and doctor. She believes in what can be explained and seen, defaulting to a scientific explanation for anything unusual. Over the course of the original series and films, Scully has certainly broadened her mind on the subject of aliens, but she’s still a scientist at heart. At the end of the last film, Scully is working as a doctor and no longer with the FBI.

Walter Skinner

Walter Skinner was Scully and Mulder’s boss at the FBI. As Assistant Director, he was charged with supervising their shenanigans and keeping them from getting fired. He often had to walk the line between responsibilities to the FBI and loyalty to Scully and Mulder. While early on it was difficult to decipher his loyalties, Skinner is 100% in the ally camp now. His devotion to helping Mulder and Scully out of any trouble despite what harm may come to himself is one of his most admirable qualities.

Cigarette Smoking Man

For the longest time, all we knew about this creepy villain on The X-Files is that he was always seen smoking a cigarette. Later, we found out he goes by the name C.G.B. Spender. A conspirator and member of the Syndicate, Cigarette Smoking Man is the primary antagonist of The X-Files. He was a friend of Mulder’s father and it later becomes know that he actually is Mulder’s biological father. However, there’s no familial bond here. In the last episode of the series, he appears to die in an explosion. However, he will be appearing in the revival series in some fashion.

The Revival

x files revival set

Photo Credit: FOX

So here we are, almost 23 years later, ready to watch the premiere of The X-Files again! The revival, or Season 10 as I refer to it, begins airing January 24, 2016, on FOX. There will be 6 episodes total–comprised of both mythology and stand-alone episodes.

There are a few new characters joining the show like Agent Miller (Robbie Amell), Agent Einstein (Lauren Ambrose), and Tad O’Malley (Joel McHale). X-Files fanatic Kumail Nanjiani will make an appearance in episode 3.

But what plot points will we hit on in the revival? There’s no question that more investigation of the existence of aliens will likely surface. There have even been videos of a giant spaceship in the desert on set. Plus, we’re sure they’ll throw in some government conspiracies as well. Joel McHale’s character is a conservative news host that attempts to bring Mulder and Scully back into the truth-chasing game with his own conspiracy theories.

mulder and scully reunion

Photo Credit: FOX

At the end of the second movie, Mulder and Scully were in a relationship, but creator Chris Carter has said where the revival picks up, that’s no longer the case although it’s always possible they’ll have a happy ending this time around.

Check out this 21-minute video released by FOX to get all caught up!

Featured Image Credit: Facebook / FOX

What are you hoping to see in The X-Files Revival? Let us know in the comments!

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