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The Torg Eternity Kickstarter Blasts Through 100K In A Single Day

The Torg Eternity Kickstarter Blasts Through 100K In A Single Day

One of the biggest dilemmas facing Game Masters is choosing the genre and style of a new campaign. Will it be a classic fantasy game full of dungeons and dragons and treasure? What about a sleek cyberpunk future full of black trenchcoats and cool gadgets? Might the players enjoy a horror campaign set in fog-shrouded streets? A few published settings have attempted to mix and match genres over the years, one of which has rumbled onto Kickstarter in a big way. The TORG Eternity Kickstarter came to life on May 31st and has already racked up $185,000 as of this writing!

The original Torg was released by West End Games in 1990 and offered an intriguing setting. What if Earth was invaded by several alternate realities, each vying to drain the world of possibility energy to become the one true reality? This set-up allowed heroes of completely different styles to exist in the same group. Imagine a story where Van Helsing, Indiana Jones, Tarzan, Aragon and Alice from the Resident Evil movies came together to battle bad guys. These heroes, called Storm Knights, can resist the influence of the dimensions to keep their abilities intact. Heroes from regular Earth also have access to  some neat abilities thanks to the possibility energy the planet contains.

The realities, or cosms, have been updated and expanded for the new version of Torg. Old favorites like the Nile Empire, a pulp fiction realm full of villainous zealots and heroic mad scientists and Orrosh, a Gothic realm of horror have returned intact. Realms like Aysle and Pan-Pacifica have been slightly updated for modern audiences as well. The real hook to a game of TORG is how much material can be pulled from other games that are already on the shelf. It takes little time to adapt a Dungeons & Dragons module for an adventure in Aysle one week, with a Shadowrun adventure taking place in Pan Pacifica the next.

Torg’s system uses Possibilities as a resource that characters can use to reroll dice and soak damage. There is also the famous Drama Deck, which players can use to pull plot twists on the Game Master for once. Different cosms also twist the rules to fit their style better. The Nile Empire, for example, has the Law oftorgbox Action that makes Possibilities more effective, while Aysle has the Law of Enchantment which can turn an item into a magic one if it’s used during a legendary roll.

The Kickstarter runs until June 30th and offers both digital and physical rewards. Many of the digital reward tiers also offer a collection of the PDFs for the original game chock-full of plots, creatures, and inspiration for the new RPG. Stretch goals unlock further adventures from a wide variety of game designers that were fans of the original. These goals also unlock more content for the deluxe boxed set version of the game, which include copies of the game, the drama deck, and the infamous swirl-colored d20 in the style of the original. Don’t let the possibility of so many different adventures pass you by and back today!

What is your favorite fictional setting? Let us know in the comments.

Feature Image Credits: Ulisses Spiele

Rob Wieland is an author, game designer and professional nerd. He writes about kaiju, Jedi, gangsters, elves, Vulcans and sometimes all of them at the same time. His blog is here, his Twitter is here and his meat body can be found in scenic Milwaukee, WI.

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