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The Snark is Strong with Mark Hamill

The Snark is Strong with Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill became a household name at the tender young age of 26 with the 1977 release of Star Wars: A New Hope. To this day, the world still knows him as Luke Skywalker. To some of us more geeky fan types, we also adore him for a much different role. Hamill has also been the voice of The Joker in several different versions of Batman. The clown prince of crime may have a dark and twisted sense of humor, but imgur user CityofWalls dug up some images that prove Hamill may have had a little Joker inside him from the very beginning.


Turns out, Hamill had a tendency to sign the collectible Star Wars cards–and probably a few other things–with a bit of good old fashioned snark. Check out the gallery below to see more examples of some of his unpredictable autographs.

Now you may notice something a little… ahem, unusual about this particular C-3PO collectible card:

4VnGY5X“Goodness gracious me!”

This particular card from Topp’s 1978 card set is a thing of legend. The droid appears to have an extra appendage that was certainly not featured in any of the movies. According to an official comment from found via Snopes, the illusion was created by pure circumstance. Since there was no digital photo retouching in 1978, the theory is that a piece of the costume fell off just as the picture was snapped. The combination of timing along with the light just so happened to create the slightly embarrassing image. Topps later re-released an airbrushed version of the card, which is (ironically) more difficult to find than the original.

Do you have any deliciously snarky autographs from Hamill? Share them with us in the comments!

Image credits: 20th Century Fox Film Corp.


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