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The Secret Cabal Podcast is Striving to Grow Through Kickstarter

The Secret Cabal Podcast is Striving to Grow Through Kickstarter

For more than five years, the Secret Cabal has been broadcasting about gaming with their podcasts in which they cover everything from reviews to news to interviews and more. Their programming has been enjoyed by a growing fan base across podcasting platforms into one of the largest gaming communities online. All this has been accomplished as a hobby by its five producers who work other jobs to pay the bills; but they are now attempting to raise enough funds on Kickstarter to take the show to the next level.

The Secret Cabal was originally a gaming club formed in York, Pennsylvania in 2001 by friends who daydreamed about being members of an outlaw motorcycle club. Having no motorcycles, a gaming club seemed like the most logical alternative to them. Much of the time at the club over the next several years was spent just chatting about games, and since some of the organizers had backgrounds in sound engineering, they decided their discussions should be heard publicly; and thus, The Secret Cabal podcast was born.Secret Cabal 3

Their motto is “Striving lest our company be lazy cowardly manure,” a saying which might leave one scratching his or her head until they learn the reasoning behind it. The producers have noticed many of their aging friends around them falling into a rut; coming home from their jobs only to eat something, then sit in front of a television or computer screen before going to bed and waking the next day to repeat the process. They want people to get off their couches and use their minds interacting with people they love.  “We strive to keep ourselves, our family, and our friends from being lazy, cowardly manure,” their website introduction says.

Perhaps the biggest way they have achieved their motto is through their meet-ups and events.  Once their listenership was large enough, the Secret Cabal began having get-togethers at several locations, including Gen Con and Origins.  Last year they reserved an entire restaurant and went past their capacity with more than 400 attendees.

Secret Cabal 2

Since then, the Cabalist producers have had ideas for expanding their programming, including a Youtube program, RPG stories, audio dramas and perhaps most interesting, an alternate reality game called Agents of the Cabal.  The concept involves mysteries presented through several audio-visual mediums, such as Youtube, Twitter, etc. that the viewers can solve.

The YouTube show has already begun, with eight well-produced videos which give a presentation and review of several games, including Mechs and Minions, Blood Bowl, and New Angeles. The Secret Cabal videos are carefully crafted and well-produced.

While most of this does not cost a lot, they take a great deal of time. The producers want to raise enough for one of them, their founder Jamie Keagy, to be able to take time away from work to do all of these projects with a high level of production value. Backer rewards include promotion cards and expansions from several games, including the 51st State, Terraforming Mars, Scythe, and the upcoming Unfair. They can also receive access to their Agents of the Cabal alternative reality game, which includes a membership card and a nifty cipher wheel. There are also prizes as small as pins, and as large as a special private dinner at Gen Con.

The Kickstarter’s initial goal of $25,000 has already been met, and they’re nearing $100,000, but they still have stretch goals to meet, which include additional programming on both Youtube and in Podcasts. The Kickstarter ends May 7, so fans have a little over a week to donate.

To learn more about the Secret Cabal, you can visit their website as well as check out their Kickstarter.

What are some of your favorite podcasts you’d like people to listen to.  List them with their links below.

Images credit: The Secret Cabal Podcast

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