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Star Wars Meets the Stray Cat Alliance in “The Purr Awakens”

The fur is strong with this one. In partnership with the Stray Cat Alliance, we put together a very special video to celebrate May the 4th and the upcoming Star Wars movie.. It’s pretty purr-fect, if we do say so. (No cats were harmed in the making of this video.)

Our mission – Stray Cat Alliance educates the community to advocate for every cat’s right to be safe, healthy and valued. We are building a No Kill nation, one stray at a time.

This means cats on the street as well as owned cats are supported and protected by Stray Cat Alliance. From targeted spay and neuter in some of the nation’s poorest communities to free medical care, foster and adoption, Stray Cat Alliance advocates for cats’ rights and safety.

By supporting the Stray Cat Alliance, you’re supporting a loving organization with a mission of having all cats cared for and domesticated cats put into loving homes. And who doesn’t want that?

Video by:
Dustin McLean (

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