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The Flog: Playing Theremin with Tom Lenk

Do you hear that sound? That eerie music? This isn’t a horror movie, this The Flog! Felicia and Tom Lenk team up to learn how to play the unearthly and mysteriously dulcet tones of the theremin.

Trio Mio
As its name suggests, this website offers fun, quirky, and out of the ordinary places to stay on vacation. Going out of town, but not looking forward to staying at a run-of-the-mill hotel/motel/Holiday Inn? Quirky Accom has just the accommodations for you, including amazing locations, such as castles, tree houses, yurts, and more.

Sunless Sea
This horror-tinged survival exploration game by Failbetter Games is a spiritual successor to Fallen London, which you might remember from season one of The Flog. The game’s in depth story telling and unique visuals keep you coming back even after you’ve met your undesirable fate at sea multiple times.

Your D&D Stories 
AC Stuart asks his readers for the best moments in their D&D campaigns and turns them into hilarious and witty comics that all RPG players can relate to. This tumblr is full of fun, funny, and fantastic stories that will definitely make your day.


Have you picked up You’re Never Weird on the Internet (almost)? Tell us what you think about it below and let us know if you’ve seen Felicia so far on her book tour!

Critical Role

Critical Role: Episode 98 – The Mines of the Many

Critical Role Fan Art Gallery – Imagination Takes Flight

Critical Role Fan Art Gallery – Imagination Takes Flight

Critical Cartography is All Over the (Tal’Dorei) Map

Critical Cartography is All Over the (Tal’Dorei) Map