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The Flog: Neon Sign Making with Marisha Ray

It wasn’t a dream, The Flog is really back! You can tell because this is the second episode in a row.

This week on The Flog, Felicia and Marisha Ray of Critical Role are exploring the ancient and secretive art of neon sign making and work with Lili Lakich to make an absolutely amazing Critical Role neon sign. More of Lili’s work can be seen here!

Trio Mio
Tatty Devine Jewelry
Tatty Devine’s jewelry is totally adorbs. Just check out Felicia’s awesome T-Rex necklace; how could you not want something as cool as that? This website, based out of the UK offers funky and fun pieces of jewelry that any geek would be jealous of. is a Google Maps/Book mash-up site that gives you a new view of the world – one where cities are described by the books that were written about them. The map is fun to poke around and explore which books were written where and is a great way to find new recommendations for your next read.

The Arkham Sessions
This podcast, hosted by Dr. Andrea Letamendi and Brian Ward, analyzes the psychology behind Batman: The Animated Series and covers an episode per podcast. Dr. Letamendi and Ward discusses mental health issues and a variety of fields of studies to bring science into the world of Batman. To the Mental Health Mobile!

In case you haven’t heard yet (and we’re not really sure how you managed to miss it), Felicia is coming out with a book! You can pre-order You’re Never Weird on the Internet (almost) on and check out her tour dates right here!

What kind of neon sign would you make? Were you worried that the return of The Flog was only a fleeting dream? Let us know in the comments!

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