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The Fantastic World of Christine McConnell

The Fantastic World of Christine McConnell

McConnell 1If you’re a fan of Halloween-y hits like Beetlejuice, The Addams Family, and Nightmare Before Christmas, you’re sure to fall head-over-heels for the talented Christine McConnell, the internet’s very own “horror housewife”-themed artist and renaissance woman.

Christine McConnell is a Los Angeles based model and photographer whose decision to take charge of her own brand has landed her virtual fame and a book deal to boot. Published by Regan Arts, Deceptive Desserts: A Lady’s Guide to Baking Bad shows off McConnell’s chops in the kitchen, as well as a taste of her impressive photography and editing skills.

In her first book, McConnell discusses just how to turn an everyday dish into an extraordinary illusion, and how to do so without breaking the bank. Ever wanted to disguise a doughnut as a fried chicken leg or serve up a plate of kitten cannolis? Welcome to the fantastic world of Christine McConnell.

Reddit users may recognize Christine McConnell from her introductory posts on the site before making it big on Instagram. What distinguishes McConnell from the McConnell 6countless Instagram photographers is her gothic-chic arrangements of food, clothing, and set designs. From her recreation of Shrek‘s Gingerbread Man to her very romantic and very dangerous date with Friday the 13th‘s Jason himself, there’s a new surprise with every scroll down McConnell’s feed.

McConnell is the brains behind every aspect of her work. For her Ghostbusters Gatekeeper project for example, she recreated Sigourney Weaver’s historic, orange Zuul ensemble, and even built the platform for the set. In fact, many of the outfits you see on McConnell in her images she sewed herself, along with the construction and lighting of the scenes, and later editing the images in post production. McConnell 3McConnell credits America’s Test Kitchen for helping her with the foundations of baking, and Youtube videos for learning tips and tricks for professional photographs.

The recreation of fantasy worlds isn’t exactly a new trend, as we’ve seen with cosplayers, fan films, fan fiction, and fan art, but McConnell’s talent and passion for her craft is undeniable.  It’s inspiring to see how hard work truly can pay off, and that taking a chance on something new can sometimes lead to recognition you’d never dreamed of. “You only get so many ideas and you should explore the things that excite you,” she told brandchannel. “At the end of the day, I do this for me and sharing it is just a super neat bonus.”

Hungry yet? Check out some more of Christine McConnell’s work in the gallery below, and be sure to pick up a copy of Deceptive Desserts, for which she is currently touring bookstores across the country. 

Image credits: Christine McConnell


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