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The Excavator

Vegas! Sin City- where you can gamble away your life savings while sitting next to a man who smells like oatmeal & claims to know Jimmy Buffett’s phone number. Where clearance carpeting is laid to rest, where fountains are choreographed to love songs of the 90s, and where Felicia Day operates heavy machinery! That’s right people. We don’t go to Vegas to drink, and gamble, and..drink? We go to Vegas to become certified in the art of digging. We were looking forward to bearing witness to what we sort of secretly hoped would be the destruction of an entire city, but Felicia turned out to be a total natural! We all impatiently sat through instructions (you know, the really important part), until Jerry walked us out to the giant dirt field (the super awesome part). At the end of the day, Jerry let everyone have a turn to drive (yes, it is as fun as it looks). However, Felicia remains the only one of us with official certification. Flog Trivia: This day was the birth of ‘Dirt Pants’, which is a thing where your pants get covered in dirt while shooting a show, then afterwards you realize that you don’t have any other pants, so you just have to keep wearing the same pants to a fancy hotel, where the valet guy  has a top hat, and you drink exotic teas without feeling even a little bit bad about having Dirt Pants on because you got drive a f*ckin’ excavator! Anyone else ever experience Dirt Pants? Or something like Dirt Pants? This has to be a common thing…I mean, right?