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The Creators of Fluxx Squeeze 22 Games Into One Box

The Creators of Fluxx Squeeze 22 Games Into One Box

The name Looney Labs might not ring a bell with you immediately, but these are the guys responsible for introducing the amazingly chaotic and awesome Fluxx (and the thousand-million themed variations) into our lives. They’re the king of card games that offer short gameplay and maximum fun for a small group, so it’s no surprise that the team have kickstarted Pyramid Arcade – a library of 22 of the best tabletop games for the Looney Pyramids.

The Looney Pyramids are Looney’s unique gaming components, which come in the form of dice and colorful pieces (that literally resemble pyramids). Looney started making handmade versions of these pyramids in 1989, and then after the overwhelming success of Fluxx they could finally manufacture plastic ones – now they’re a staple in the Looney gaming scene.

The games in the Pyramid Arcade box range from easy to complex, meaning there’s something for experienced gamers and newbies alike. If you prefer quick and light games that require luck, you can bust out some moves in Pyramid Sham-Bo, which is a play on Rock, Paper, Scissors, or the fast-paced Looney Ludo, Ice Dice, and more. If you’re into longer games and complex brain-busters, you can try to conquer the world in World War 5, or have a crack at pure strategy in the intergalactic space battle game, Homeworlds. OR maybe you’re an expert at puzzles, in which case Volcano, the game where you “cause eruptions” and match pieces to collect sets of trios might be up your alley.

Each game has a theme, and whether you’re a computer hacker seeking to be the first to figure out a 3 color secret code, or a lunar invader teleporting to an enemy moon, or in possession of pieces that represent insects fighting over a flower, or a controller of germs; you’re always moving toward a clear goal to win the game.

Here’s the Kickstarter video for Pyramid Arcade, where you can meet the legendary Andrew Looney and his equally legendary wife, Kristin Loony. They used to be aerospace engineers for NASA, and then decided to pursue their gaming hobby full time. Pretty incredible.

Don’t forget to visit the Kickstarter page for a video series on each of the games, more about the project and Looney Labs, a cool history of the Looney Pyramids, stretch goals, and so much more good stuff.

What game are you most excited for in Pyramid Arcade? Let us know in the comments below.

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