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The Cavalry’s Here With The Pups of Roverwatch!

The Cavalry’s Here With The Pups of Roverwatch!

One of the greatest things about the proliferation of geek culture these days are the incredible fun ways that fans and artists pay tribute to their favorite shows, games, and movies. We’ve featured some incredible mashups on G&S before, seeing awesome combos of Mass Effect/Pokemon, Disney Princesses/Warhammer 40k, and Star Wars/Everything. But you know what makes just about anything in pop culture about a million times better?


Artist Lily Nishita gives us four pieces of canine-centric awesomeness based on four of the heaviest hitters of Blizzard’s Overwatch, and the results are fantastic.


McCree, voiced by G&S’ own Matt Mercer





Nishita has previously worked with Naughty Dog studios, providing amazingly fun and detailed artwork for PSN-based content centering on both the Uncharted and The Last of Us franchises. She also designed the log for the indie VR game Audioshield -currently available for download on Steam – that perfectly captures the spirit of this unique rhythm-based gaming experience.   

She is now currently freelancing and when asked about anything new/fun/exciting she might have coming up she’d like to share, her only response was: “Sorry still a secret :)”


She is definitely a talent to watch, and you can find her on Tumblr and Twitter where you can find more of her amazing work!

Which properties do YOU think would make an awesome animal mashup? Tell us below!


Photo Credits: Lily Nishita

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