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The Best of the MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Parody Videos

The Best of the MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Parody Videos

As is the way of the world because Internet stuff, Mad Max: Fury Road has given rise to a serious cornucopia of good-time silly video business. And really, when you think about it, this post-apocalyptic minefield of badassery is prime real estate for mash-up. Not only that, but the iconic characters (new or returning) at the forefront of the film — Max Rockatansky, Imperator Furiosa, Immortan Joe, Nux, the Doof Warrior — are such strong personalities that they practically beg to be compared to others. Add to that the film universe’s 80s origins, its big, long car chase, and seriously bangarang intensity and you can probably see why so many mash-up and retooled iterations are being bandied about the world wide web.

So! As a gift to us all, we’ve rounded up the best of the Mad Max: Fury Road offerings the Internet has mustered up thus far. (We’re still waiting for the inevitable My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic mash-up because that’s going to happen soon, right? And if not: GET ON THAT, YOU GUYS.)

The Unbreakable Furiosa

Now, Furiosa didn’t exactly have the rainbows-and-sunshine-y demeanor of Netflix heroine Kimmy Schmidt, but that doesn’t mean she’s not strong as hell like the The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt theme song celebrates. If anything, we think Furiosa and Kimmy would be a force with which to be reckoned. Because c’mon, admit it: how funny (in an odd couple kind of way) would it be if Kimmy and Furiosa hung out? (The answer is SO HILARIOUS for those wondering.) Also we’re not sorry that the song is now stuck in your head again.

Mad Max: Fury Road 80s Edition

It’s an homage to the film’s 1980s origins (sure, Mad Max came out in 1979, but Mad Max 2 and Beyond Thunderdome come out in the 80s), and frankly, what’s better than nostalgia?

Mario Kart: Fury Road

UM. This one needs no description because it is — in the words of a one miss Beyoncé Knowles — ***FLAWLESS. BE STILL OUR MARIO-LOVING HEARTS.

Mad Max: Out Of Gas

Clearly, this is the next sequel.

Did we miss any Mad Max mash-ups and/or parodies you loved? Link ’em to us in the comments (maybe we’ll even add ’em to the list!)

Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Alicia Lutes is the Associate Editor of Geek & Sundry. Her Mad Max name is Imperator Lutieosa and she’s on Twitter @alicialutes.

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