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The 5 Best Episodes of Game/Show – The Geekiest Show About Gaming And Culture

The 5 Best Episodes of Game/Show – The Geekiest Show About Gaming And Culture

Whether you’re a fan of the series or not, it’s safe to say that PBS’ Game/Show not only discussed gaming topics we’ve all been thinking, but also brought up lots of new ideas and made for proper geeky conversation.

Hosted by Jamin Warren, founder of Kill Screen, Game/Show has covered all sorts of tabletop and video gaming topics, like Why is Minecraft So Blocky? and The Oregon Trail Lied to You for almost three years. But, as so many good things do, Game/Show has reached the end of the line and has earned itself it’s very own “Best Of” list after releasing this strangely impersonal farewell video to their Youtube page.

The show has received mixed reviews in the past, but it’s difficult to deny that Warren and team certainly enhanced the geeky discussions of gaming with their reviews and theories.

How Modern Language Broke Scrabble

In this video, we take a look at how the evolution of modern language has affected the values of each of the letters in this classic board game. Let’s just say that the letter “z” may not be as rare and thrilling to use in-game as it used to be.

Who Are the 10 Best NPCs of All Time

Jamin Warren lists the quality NPCs he’s encountered in his years of gaming, and covers what makes an NPC so special or important to the player throughout the story. There’s more to most NPCs than simply their use as a guide through particularly rough scenes.

How Mario Makes You a Better Player

We all have a game that shaped us as a player, and in this video Game/Show discusses how the formula and strategy of Super Mario series did just that. From the iconic tunes to the gameplay itself, there’s more than just nostalgia (which is enjoyable enough) where Mario is involved.

The Hidden Genius of Monopoly’s Rules

There’s a certain love/hate relationship with the game of Monopoly that players all over have been stricken with since their first collection of $200 after passing “go”. But, why do certain parts of the game work, while other parts seem to make no sense whatsoever? The series talks a little about the history of the game, and why it works the way that it does.

Why Do You Still Play Smash Bros.?

To this day we still gather together and play match after match of Super Smash Bros. with our friends, and in this video Jamin Warren delves into what makes the game so addictive and thrilling all of these years later.

We’re curious to see if PBS fills the gaming-fueled hole Game/Show‘s exit is sure to leave, but hopefully we’ll see the team behind the project move along to bigger and better. Au revoir, Game/Show. Until we meet again.

Did we miss any episodes of Game/Show that make your “Best Of” list? Say farewell to the PBS series in the comments below, or let’s talk about the show on Twitter @bekahbabble!

Featured Image Credit: PBS Digital Studios

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