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Thanks You For Making This An Amazing 25 Hours of Geek And Sundry Live!

Thanks You For Making This An Amazing 25 Hours of Geek And Sundry Live!

With a couple of days to decompress, I thought I should take a second to mention some of the awesome people who made our 25-hour marathon charity/community stream possible.

First, let me just thank everyone involved on any level. This was a big show for us (in more ways than one) and it was amazing not only to see it done but also to have such support from our awesome community. We raised over $21k for 826LA (there’s still time to donate!) and in the process we made some pretty spectacular programming! Here are some shoutouts:

Ryan Green was, of course, the MVP. He was on set the whole time, building-out all the sets and making everything happen. He also took the lead on designing the look of all the sets/segments, and I’m amazed to say some of these little early morning shows looked really, really good. I think Scaredy Cats might be one of my favorite sets we’ve ever done. Thanks, buddy!

On the technical side, D.E.N.I.S.E, “The Chief,” and Sam Proof all took turns as technical director, but further worked with Selina, Blythe, and production intern Aleah to move sets, set up cameras and all the rest. In 25 hours of content, we only had a handful of tech issues and everyone behind the cameras made that possible. Thank you.

My fellow producers, Max, Ben, and Ed were all indispensable. Goldie kept the social media humming. A lot of the folks from all over the building stopped by to lend support and help out. Lots of folks brought donuts. Thanks to all of them too.


Dozens of hosts showed up to be part of the celebration and everyone was amazing but special thanks goes to Matt Mercer, Darin De Paul, Sam De Leve, and Robot Teammate, who all did two shows inside the 25 hours. Matt, Darin and Sam actually did a show Friday afternoon too… wow. Blythe went above and beyond by working both sides of the camera all night. Thanks to all the hosts that were part of this and all the ones who were unfortunately stuck out of town who sent their support and love.

All the Mods were in overdrive all stream long and some of them pulled long hours and covered multiple aspects of the production. I was often running around keeping things moving while all the Mods stepped up to work with the community and keep things running. Our Mods are a big part of this (or any) channel’s success and you can see exactly why during that 25-hour stream. Thanks, Mods!


The community as a whole deserves another shout-out here. You watched. You donated. You interacted. This was always about you, this whole celebration, and you were the same awesome community we’ve come to expect. We do good things folks, and we did them again this weekend. Thank you all.

Finally thanks to Erika Ishii who also stuck around all night. She hosted and helped and laughed and screamed for 25 hours and ended things with an epic table flip suitable for launching a thousand gifs. I’m lucky enough to work with my best friend, but I’m extra lucky when we can support each other for these marathons. Thanks, Erika.

I have a lot of favorite moments: Whitney geeking out about Skeletons, Dave’s blind beggar improv character, Blythe falling in love with her kigurumi. The list goes on. We did it. We made this happen, all of us on all sides of the cameras and screen. Love you all for this. Thank you!

Image Credit: David V. (Used With Permission)

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