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TableTop: Wil Wheaton plays MONARCH with Ashley Clements, Brea Grant, and Satine Phoenix

Not everyone gets to be the queen. You have to win over the right people, learn how to deal with money, and there’s that whole waving at the wrist thing. Ashley Clements, Brea Grant, Satine Phoenix, and Wil vie for the crown in Monarch.

Forget what you know in fairytales. When these four sisters fight for the crown, you’ll need food, money, and the right timing to get your way. Every turn, players will be collecting food or money from the village. They will then be able to use those resources to purchase cards from the market. The princesses can start pulling together more items to create an impressive court, improvements to help out the village, or start sending unwanted guests to their sister’s court.

Once a sister collects seven items for their court, the game comes to a close with the sister with the most crowns taking the throne at the end. There are twists abound, strategies that will become undone, and more than a few unwanted guests zipping around the courts. Who will take the crown this week? Find out by watching TableTop.

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M-TT-GRYWatch previous seasons of TableTop here! You can catch brand new episodes of TableTop over on ALPHA right now.

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