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TableTop Moving to Thursdays, New Merch, and Google Hangouts News!

We have TableTop news for you this week. Namely…it’s moving to Thursdays! Many of you mentioned that it was difficult to keep track of when TableTop-related content was up, so we’ve made it easy. New episodes will still air every other week, but it will be on Thursdays. On its off weeks, we’ll air other TableTop-related content such as the gag reels and behind-the-scenes videos. So no matter what week it is, you know you can tune in on a Thursday and see something relating to TableTop! We’ll be starting this week with bestselling party game Say Anything, so make sure to watch this Thursday! In other TableTop news, you have been asking for black TableTop mugs…and finally, we have them! Head on over to our Jinx shop and check it out :). We also have new items at CafePress, so check them out while you’re at it! This week’s Written By A Kid comes from the warped and wonderful mind of  both an adorable kid and YouTube’s Mike Diva…be prepared to have your mind blown this Wednesday! Finally, tomorrow is the launch of our new Google Hangouts series. Every Tuesday at 8pm PST, we’ll have a livestream on our channel. Our first week we have The Story Board, hosted by Pat Rothfuss (The Name of the Wind). Pat has invited his friends Emma Bull (War for the Oaks), Diana Rowland (Mark of the Demon) and Jim Butcher (The Dresden Files) to talk about Urban Fantasy. You won’t want to miss this awesome live event, so drop in at 8pm PST! Think of it as a monthly hangout every Tuesday night. The schedule is as follows:

  • First Tuesday of each month: Patrick Rothfuss and friends discuss different topics pertaining to writing and literature
  • Second Tuesday of each month: Kristen Rutherford (GeekMom, G4TV) discusses geek parenting
  • Third Tuesday of each month: Sean Plott (Day[9]) and co-hosts play romance games and talk about relationships
  • Fourth Tuesday of each month: Vaginal Fantasy book club hangout with Felicia Day, Kiala Kazebee, Veronica Belmont and Bonnie Burton
  • Fifth Tuesday of each month (for months that have five Tuesdays!): Special bonus Hangout!

You’ll never have to be without us on a Tuesday EVER AGAIN. We’ll have more in-depth info about the shows as the month goes on, so keep an eye out! Thanks as always for watching! Beverly

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