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TableTop Inspired Fashion

TableTop Inspired Fashion

Looking for a new outfit to wear on International TableTop Day? Hosting a board game night and want to look the part? Or just love showing off your geek pride? Then look no further. We have rounded up the best table top inspired fashion and accessories for men and women!

Dice Socks Almost every table top game involves dice, so why not pay homage to it…on your feet? These Game of Prance Socks from ModCloth are great for under pants for an everyday outfit or the focus of your look with bright flats. The socks are $9.99 and are sized for women… But don’t you worry male geeks, the next piece has you covered.

Meeple Label Pins Showcase an iconic tabletop piece with these Meeple Label Pins from Hard Boiled Megg’s Etsy shop. The pins are $5 for a pair in whatever color you want. Wear them on a blazer jacket with a graphic T-shirt underneath for a stylish, yet geeky look.

Seafarers Leggings Channel your inner Tsuro of the Seas with these The Great Wave Leggings from Black Milk Clothing. Pair them with a black top and dragon themed jewelry for the perfect Tsuro inspired look. The leggings aren’t available right now, but Black Milk frequently re-releases older styles during sample sales so you’ll have to keep an eye out for these beauties!

Cthulhu Shirt Don’t let your sanity dictate your wardrobe, wear this Cthulhu Skull shirt from Hot Topic for your next game of Unspeakable Words! The shirt has a bold, graphic design that looks great with a jacket, cardigan, or sweatshirt layered over it. Bonus points: The shirt is on sale right now for under $10 HERE.

Vintage Map Cuff Never get lost during a game of Ticket to Ride Europe with this vintage London Map Cuff from Jezebel Charms Etsy Shop. The cuff is $40 and can be worn with a drapey blouse and skinny jeans for a sophisticated game night look.

Bamboo Blouse This Silk Bamboo Shirt from Topshop is perfect for putting together a Takenoko inspired outfit. The top has a slight crop which can be worn with a high waisted skirt or pants for a stylish look. To really make it into a Takenoko inspired outfit, pair the top with these beautiful panda flats.

These are just a few of the stylish table top inspired pieces that are available online. Try out a game inspired outfit for your next table top session and remember to have fun with your style! What are your plans for International TableTop Day? Let us know in the comments!

Article by Amanda McGinnis. Check out Amanda’s Console to Closet blog or follow her on Twitter!

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