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TableTop Indiegogo Backers FAQ

TableTop Indiegogo Backers FAQ

Update 3/4/15: Hi, again! In order to keep everyone in the loop, here’s your weekly update on TableTop Season 3’s perks:


A new Behind the Scenes episode has been added to the Digital Archive!

Backers who haven’t received their perks due to missing Small or XL t-shirts should be getting their rewards soon too! We’re hoping that they’ll be good to go by next week, but we’ll let you know as we get more updates from the warehouse. Thank you again for your patience!

LOOT CRATE This week we confirmed that every single Loot Crate sent out has as set of two “Table” dice in them. We are working with Loot Crate to resolve this discrepancy immediately, but this will take a bit of time because all of the “Top” dice were shipped back to the fulfillment house in Georgia. We will be sending everyone who received a Loot Crate a copy of their “Top” dice as soon as possible. We apologize to everyone who was inconvenienced by this and we are currently taking it up with the appropriate offices right now. In the meantime, we can only thank you for your continued patience and dedication. This campaign was put together in order to make a Season 3 of TableTop, and while we are still working out the hiccups of the campaign, the show itself continues to be a huge success, which is all thanks to you!



Again, your perks may still be on the way, especially if you live outside the US or in a rural or hard-to-mail-to place. Since almost all of the perks went out in December (save the ones we told you about), if you haven’t received your perks, they are probably still held up in the post office. We’re still working on making sure they get to you as soon as possible!

We’ve also had a number of perks returned to sender (i.e. us) and we’re going through our records to make sure addresses are correct and trying to get in contact with you if we need to change anything before trying to re-ship them. We will send an update once all these returns have been taken care of.


If one of your physical perks is broken or incorrect (i.e. t-shirt size is wrong, DVD’s broken, two of the same die), please let us know at and we’ll work through this together, we promise!

Thank you again for all of your help and support in funding Season 3 of TableTop. We couldn’t have done it without you! We’re sorry that some of your perks haven’t made it to you when we hoped they would have, but please hang on with us as we work to get them to their correct homes. Again, thank you for all of your patience and support! Stay tuned for next week’s update for more information!

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