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Tabletop For Two: Perfect Games For A Pair Of Players

Tabletop For Two: Perfect Games For A Pair Of Players

Getting a tabletop party together is awesome, but sometimes you just can’t get a group of your closest friends together to start up an epic tabletop night. Sometimes it’s just you and your roommate, your bestie, or your partner. In those cases, your options for fun tabletop games can feel a bit limited. But fear not, dear gaming lovers, there are plenty of games for you and one other person to play!


Each game takes 15-20 minutes to play, and if they name didn’t tip you off, they involve dinosaurs. In the game, you either get to play as a raptor or a scientist. Team Raptor is trying to escape the greedy clutches of the scientists, while Team Scientist tries to capture the raptors for a variety of scientific studies. If you’re the raptor, you win if you either get three raptor babies to escape, or if you eat all of the scientists on the board. The scientist wins by capturing three baby raptors or by hitting the mama raptor with a tranquilizer. Nothing says a fun night of gaming for two like raptors eating scientists, right?

7WondersDuel7 Wonders Duel

Most of you have probably heard of 7 Wonders. Though this game technically falls in the same 7 Wonders universe, Duel is its own game designed specifically for two players. The goal is to make the most powerful civilization. Throughout the game you’ll build up your civilization with by creating wonders, earning riches, learning about science, and of course engaging in warfare against the rival civilization. You win when you either invade your opponent’s capitol, collect 6 unique science symbols, or–if neither of those happen–score the most victory points.


Hive is another great option for two players, and you don’t even have to do any setup to get this game started. The game kicks off when you set the first piece down. Much like chess, each piece–which has either a spider, ant, grasshopper, beetle, or queen bee–has rules about where and how many spaces they can move. Also similar to chess, you’re looking to take out your opponent’s royalty and to surround your opponent’s queen. Once you’ve done that, you win! Hivemate! Okay, hivemate isn’t a thing like checkmate…


Yomi is a fighting game where you must predict your opponent’s moves and counteract them. Think a card version of rock-paper-scissors. Each player has a deck that represents their character and there are around 20 different ones that you can choose from. Most games come with about four characters to choose from, but you can buy individual character decks. Like any turn-based combat game, you win when you reduce your opponent’s life points to zero. Though we’re talking about playing this with two players, you can play this game with anywhere from 1-4 players.


This game will take you about 30 minutes to get through. In Jaipur, you’re a trader with the goal of becoming the personal trader to the Maharaja himself. To do so, you’ll need to be a better merchant than your competitor by buying and selling at better prices and keeping track of your camels. Just like starting a real trading business, this game is all about being a quick-thinking, shrewd business person, and is incredibly fun for a night in with your favorite gaming buddy.

What are your favorite two-player tabletop games? Which games do you try to avoid at all costs? Let me know in the comments!  


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