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TableTop Gag Reel: Sushi Go and Roll For It!

In this TableTop gag reel, Wil reveals his special relationship with Kevin and his inability to speak Japanese, Jennifer Hale loses a finger to the Clapper Board of Doom, and John Ross Bowie lays down the literary knowledge in a debate on whether Jennifer’s card decision is really on par with Sophie’s Choice (spoiler: it’s not).

And, just in case you need it, here’s the Wil Wheaton Quote of the Week:

“The music that’s playing with Happy Panda Dance in Happy Dance Panda in Happy Panda Happy Mouth Panda Dance Party is of course, Panda Dance Party Happy Mouth Party Happy Dance Panda Dancing… in my mouth. It’s J-Pop, you guys.”

Next time on TableTop, Wil’s family joins him to play Mice & Mystics, a role-playing style adventure board game. Check back next Thursday at 10 am to see whether the Wheaton family will be able to save the kingdom, or end up skittering away like mice.

Didn’t get a chance to watch John Ritter, Jennifer Hale, and John Ross Bowie duke it out over Sushi Go and Roll For It! during last week’s TableTop? Check it out below and make sure to tune in at 10am on Thursdays to catch it when it airs!

What’s your favorite TableTop episode so far? Who has been your favorite guest? Let us know in the comments!

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