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Superman & Friends get Classical-fied

What do you get when you combine the head producer of Stan Lee’s YouTube channel, a world class pianist, and everything you have ever loved?

You get Tetris music played on a pinball machine piano in the middle of an arcade. You get a rendition of John William’s Superman theme so intense that you start to weep openly at everyone in the coffee shop until the manager asks you to leave. You get–

SHUT UP AND WATCH THE VIDEO is what you get.

… You also get Player Piano.


Player Piano is the brainchild of writer/director Tom Grey and the incomparable composer/pianist Sonya Belousova. Together, they showcase classical twists on your favorite songs, soundtracks, and themes, often incorporating great costumes and amazing props (NES themed piano? YES PLEASE!).

Player Piano Akira

Like Akira, for example.

They have an entire album’s worth of music for you treat yourself with, so check out their website, YouTube channel, or Patreon page and stop depriving yourself of embarrassing coffee shop experiences.


Photos:; PlayerPiano/YouTube

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