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Super Fun Awesome Party Game Time: Viking Fight!

This week on Super Fun Awesome Party Game Time, Jesse Cox and Jess Marzipan are joined by Sarah Croce and Loryn Powell to continue the centuries old viking tradition of hitting each other with bags of laundry while blindfolded. In this totally safe and fun party game, two participants circle a chest of gold (or something similar, like an ottoman) and take turns in call-and-response exchange before taking a swing at their opponent. The first person to land three solid hits wins!

Want the full rules? Visit the Reddit thread or watch this absolutely hilarious video of two dudes playing it at viking reenactment event.

Have you ever made a regular party game a hundred times worse with your own house rules? Know of a super fun, raucously ridiculous, or down right silly party game that you’d like to see featured? Let us know in the comments or tweet it to us!

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