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Super Fun Awesome Party Game Time: Telestrations: After Dark

A couple of weeks ago, Geek & Sundry went on a field trip to the crazy town of Austin, Texas. During SXSW, we teamed up with our friends over at Nerdist to play a not-so-safe-for-work game of Telestrations: After Dark in front of a live audience. If you’ve played Telestrations: After Dark before, you know that it’s full of dirty, dirty pictures (especially since Geek & Sundry and Nerdist are full of dirty minds), but it was totally cool though since no one from HR was able to make it out to Texas.

Rachel Heine, Dan Casey, Kevin Ott, Ryan Copple, Jessica Marzipan, and Jesse Cox sat down to make some crude jokes and even cruder drawings. Caution: poorly drawn NSFW art ahead.

We’d like to send a special thanks to USAopoly for providing us with Telestrations: After Dark! If you want to learn more about the game, head over to their website.

If you like what you see, come check out a new episode of Super Fun Awesome Party Game Time every Thursday!

Know of a super fun, raucously ridiculous, or down right silly party game that you’d like to see featured? Let us know in the comments below or tweet it to us!

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