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Super Fun Awesome Party Game Time: Pictionary Paper Plates

Two things about Geek & Sundry: we’re occasionally super competitive and we really love pictionary. If we could, every episode of Super Fun Awesome Party Game Time would just be us playing pictionary (because what’s more fun than pictionary? NOTHING.), but our producer said we couldn’t do that. To trick him into letting us play slightly more pictionary, we came up with a Super Fun Awesome Party Game Time version that made this already silly game just a little bit sillier.

Instead of drawing each term on a white board or large piece of paper that everyone can see, we’re switching it up and drawing on our heads. Well, not on our heads, exactly. On a paper plate, which you hold on your head. Drawing a hot dog is a whole lot trickier if you can’t see the where the bun starts and the dog begins.

This week on Super Fun Awesome Party Game Time, we have the absolutely amazing comic book creators Kate Leth and Jeremy Frank Lambert joining Jessica Marzipan and Ify (totally not Jesse Cox) Nwadiwe! Which team will win? How well can they draw? Who has the best dance moves? The only way to find out is to watch!

Know of a super fun, raucously ridiculous, or down right silly party game that you’d like to see featured? Let us know in the comments or tweet it to us!

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