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Super Fun Awesome Party Game TimeSuper Fun Awesome Party Game Time

Super Fun Awesome Party Game Time: Lube Jenga

We thought to ourselves, “Selves, how do we make Jenga more ridiculous? How do we take a deceptively hard game where you poke things and then put them on top of other things harder?” And then it came to us: chopsticks. And then, because we’re pretty twisted people, it came to us again. Chopsticks covered in lube. And then, because we didn’t want to embarrass ourselves, we made other people play.

We put Jesse Cox and Jess Marzipan’s utensil skills to the test as they teamed up with Becca Canote and Jimmy Wong to see which team could make the most inappropriate comments. That’s not actually how the game is played, but really, when you’re gently pushing and pulling and there’s lube everywhere, is there really anything else you’re supposed to be doing?

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