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Stop the Internet! We Have Samurai Puppies

Stop the Internet! We Have Samurai Puppies

I can’t resist animals in costume. It’s a problem. I’m seeing a professional about it. Fortunately for you, my crippling kawaii addiction is your gain. Recently, Rocketnews24 came upon Kandaya, a pet supply store in Kurayoshi, Japan that makes samurai armor…

…for dogs.


Apparently “samurai fashion” is very in right now, so even the pets are getting stylish. If you happen to live in the area, you can rent the armor for 500 yen (about $4.20) an hour. You can even rent a purple, orange, and lime green armor set modeled after the Eva Unit-01 from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Highly appropriate if you’ve named your dog “Shinji.”


Kandaya also makes armor for cats. This kitty looks so majestic. It’s like the bushido spirit of the samurai is flowing through him. I imagine when I’m not looking at this photo that the kitty comes to life and starts defending the innocent on the streets of ancient Kyoto. I know, I need a hobby.

We have more adorable pooches in the gallery below. If you enjoy those, hit up the link to Kandaya at the top of this article for even more! Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go cry about living on the other side of the globe without a dog.

Image credits: Kandaya


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