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Star Wars’ Entire Battle of Endor — In X-Wing Miniatures

Star Wars’ Entire Battle of Endor — In X-Wing Miniatures

Star Wars Battlefront‘s Endor level is nice and all, but still, what if we want a tactile sense of location? Mossy trees. Leafy grass. Piney scent? On this very specific subject, a potent mix of frustration and inspiration motivated the Beasts of War team to take action, crafting one epic tabletop set for their X-Wing miniatures. Just how epic was this recreation of that ultimate battle between Imperial troops, Rebel forces, and a bunch of surly teddy bears? The only way to get a true sense is to watch their video portrait.

X-Wings and Y-Wings! AT-ATs and AT-STs! Laser turrets and shield generators! All this diorama could possibly need to further complete the illusion is a half-finished Death Star ornament hanging aloft.

With extensive experience in Warhammer and Flames of War, among countless other games, the Beasts of War team is nothing if not thorough in their craftsmanship. They’ve thoroughly documented the process behind this daunting project in an archived live blog for any who’d want/hope/wish to duplicate it. Peruse that log, and learn how they stitched this expansive landscape together from a disparate assortment of Star Wars kits. Suffice it to say, they needed a whole lot of little trees to simulate that NorCal-redwood-forest-doubling-as-an-alien-planet aesthetic. All the little trees, really.

And while we’re on the subject of epic dioramas…

DBZ diorama

Photo Credit: Juanpe 

On the other side of the galaxy, a shorter time ago and not so far away, Juanpe of Jerez de la Frontera re-created Dragon Ball Z‘s epic “Namek Saga” in his bedroom. The play mechanics may be a little less defined than in the Beasts of War’s set, and the foliage might be generally bushier, but the frozen moments of combat do run a bit more fiery. Perhaps somebody ought to be put all these master makers in touch, so that their tabletops might be conjoined, and it’d be that much easier to picture how a big clash between Z-Fighters and TIE Fighters could shake out.

Would an epic SW/DBZ tabletop crossover crank your dials? What other fastidious recreations of famously frenetic fantasy frays deserve our favored featuring here? Fill our talkback up with all your suggestions!

Featured Image Credit: Beasts of War

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