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Spellslingers Gag Reel: Day[9] vs. Chris Kluwe

It’s a good thing that Sean “Day[9]” Plott does every intro perfectly, otherwise we’d have to make gag reels or something. Luckily, Sean and former Vikings player and overall tabletop, video game, and MTG nerd Chris Kluwe are just great at witty banter, so we’ll just have to use that for some type of behind the scenes video. 

In this Spellslingers Gag Reel, Sean discusses how he learned how to play Magic: the Gathering correctly and how goofy the lyrics in popular music are, the amazing Spellslinger Producer Adam saves Sean from a terrifying and threatening menace, and Chris reveals that he is a follower of the Rule of One. Oh, and there’s dancing. Quite a bit of dancing.

Missed Sean and Chris’s original game? Check it out below! After that, consider catching up on the rest of Spellslingers and check out the last two seasons here!

Let us know what you’re looking forward to in the rest of the season in the comments below! Get a chance to play with the new Magic: the Gathering: Magic Origins set yet? Tell us what you think of it and any of your new favorite cards, mechanics, and spells so far! 

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