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Smash Up Hits PC, Mac And Mobile this Fall

Smash Up Hits PC, Mac And Mobile this Fall

Looks like the card game that’s all about x-overs will soon be crossing formats. Nomad Games has announced it’ll port AEG’s Smash Up to a nice spread of devices this Fall–PCs, Macs, Androids and iPhones. Players who’ve been dying to pit their ninjas against a friend’s aliens whilst on the go shall have one less thing to wish for.

Here are some illustrations of how such brawls betwixt time/space will look on screen…

And if seeing all those illos in motion makes the battles look that much more dire, do enjoy this teaser…

Multiplayer in these editions will work online, or via pass-and-play, and handle up to four combatants. So, dinosaurs and pirates can always come in to square off a fracas. Though, a solo play mode will be available for anybody not wanting to bother with friends. Of course, Smash Up is really about reveling in chaos: the kind that opponents bring, and the kind that comes from putting these disparate characters in the same sentences together. If you’ve yet to play the game, in any form, Nomad sums up both its appeal and its play mechanics quite succinctly…

When the game begins, players take turns drafting one of several faction decks. Once each player has two decks, they shuffle them together, combining their distinct abilities into a unique 40-card deck. Players then deal out a number of Base cards, and play their decks to attempt to have the most power on a base when it is scored.

It may sound simple, but how simple is it when your opponent’s Zombie-Ninja assassinate your minions then create an Outbreak, loading the Base with minions from their discard pile? Or when their Pirate-Dinosaurs Full Sail onto the base with the mighty King Rex, whose massive power dwarfs that of other minions?

Nomad’s already teasing cardboard expansions via DLC, too, so expect the chaos to ratchet up even higher as the factions expand from the eight initially available at launch. If our votes matters, at all, we hope to see some Cavemen, Vikings, and maybe some Cthulu-esque extradimensional creatures eventually joining the mix.

Does this port make Smash Up the electric boogaloo it was always meant to be? What other card games are long overdue for a digital edition? Hit the talkback.

Featured Image Credit: Nomad Games

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