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Sleeves Are Bulls**t: Marisha Ray Stops By Mines N Crafts
Mines N Crafts

Sleeves Are Bulls**t: Marisha Ray Stops By Mines N Crafts

This week on Mines N Crafts, the weekly Geek & Sundry show that combines Minecraft crafting with crafting in real life, hosts Stef Woodburn, Gina DeVivo, and Amy Dallen welcomed back Marisha Ray as she showed them how to mod a T-shirt.

If you have shirts that don’t fit properly or need a new life, Marisha offered a few different options for turning that old shirt that has stayed in the bottom of the drawer for years into a new look you’ll want to wear every day.

Here are the no-sew options for modifying a T-shirt from this week’s episode. All you need is a pair of good fabric scissors, and you’re ready to get started.

Off the Shoulder

If the collars on your T-shirts bother you, Marisha recommends this look to loosen up the top (no pun intended). To begin, leave the shirt flat on the table. Fold it in half lengthwise. “You want to make sure that these seams are lined up up top,” said Marisha, “since that’s what’s most important for this.”

Cut about an inch or two inches from the collar and follow the line you’re making to remove it. “That will give you a pretty big scoop,” she said.

If you don’t want an off-the-shoulder look, simply cut along the collar itself, starting on the back. Clean up along the edges by trimming any stray threads. The cut pieces will eventually curl along the edges, said Marisha.

Mines N Crafts

Make Bell Sleeves

“Line the sleeves up,” said Marisha, and start a couple of inches from the ends of the sleeve. Cut a straight line to start, and then curve gently toward the armpit. This will create bell sleeves that can be a little more flattering than traditional T-shirt sleeves.

If you prefer no sleeves (as they are bulls**t), Marisha recommends cutting as close to the seams as you can. “It’s a perfect little guide,” she said.

Tie the Sides

Fold the shirt lengthwise and line up the edges and seams as closely as possible. Keeping the edges lined up, cut an inch off those edges carefully. (It will completely open the shirt and create a poncho.)

Next, make sure the edges are all lined up again. Cut three inches into the shirt, repeating every inch to inch and a half.

Mines N Crafts

Once the cuts are made across the entire length of the shirt, unfold the shirt. Double-tie the two matching pieces of the shirt together up the length of the shirt. “You don’t want to tie it all the way,” advised Marisha. “You want to go about halfway. It will give you a peek [through the shirt] as well.”

Mines 'N Crafts

Marisha and the crafty Mines N Crafts hosts also offered tips for turning a T-shirt into a halter top and sewing solutions to really dress up a T-shirt, such as adding stripes along the sides of the shirt to add even more color.

“Always keep trying the shirt on,” she advised, “so you can see what you’re working with.”

If you’re still working on honing your craft skills and end up messing up the shirt beyond wearing, Marisha has some tips for you as well. “There are fun little things you can do, like making super simple little tote bags,” she said.

Catch Gina, Stef, and Amy on Mines N Crafts every Wednesday at 4PM Pacific on the Geek & Sundry Twitch channel.

All Images: Geek & Sundry

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