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Signal Boost! with Marisha Ray: A Dish Best Served Drone

Transmission incoming! Signal Boost! is our weekly love letter to all fandoms, be it books, podcasts, indie games, Etsy shops, soundtracks, websites, or events. Come see what wonderful, crazy stuff is out there and connect with a community of fans who knows what it’s like to like the wonderful, crazy, and unknown.

This week on Signal Boost!, Marisha Ray passes the Antenna of Destiny to a worthy successor, but before she does, she buckles down and boosts some signals. Looking for a good read on why you’re you? Want to play a nice, quick steampunk miniatures wargame? Love unique geek art and going to galleries (or just looking at said art online since we all can’t live in California)? Join Marisha in her last episode and find out who will be the next host!

Check out Marisha’s recommendations this week:

Me, Myself, and Why
Gallery Nucleus

What things would you want to Signal Boost? Let us know in the comments below and tune in every Tuesday to find out what’s hot and potentially unheard of in the land of geekdom. 

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Critical Role Fan Art Gallery – As the Curtain Falls

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