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Signal Boost!: Doctor Strange Love

Transmission incoming! Signal Boost! is our weekly love letter to all fandoms, be it books, podcasts, indie games, Etsy shops, soundtracks, websites, or events. Come see what wonderful, crazy stuff is out there and connect with a community of fans who knows what it’s like to like the wonderful, crazy, and unknown.

Are you looking for a way to unlock all of the cool items, ideas, and things you find on the internet? Do you find that there’s a gate between you and what you really want? You’re in luck. Matt Key (Marvel Movie News) is going to throw open the doors and let you into some of the best kept secrets around.  From helping you find the right doctor even if he’s a little strange, making bow ties cool again, to how to bring the best party games to your phone; Matt Key brings you what you want even if you didn’t know that you really want them. (Spoiler: You really want this.)

Check out Matt’s Recommendations this week:

Doctor Strange: The Shuma-Gorath Epic
How To Tie A Bow Tie
Mad Libs App

What things would you want to Signal Boost? Let us know in the comments below and tune in every Tuesday to find out what’s hot and potentially unheard of in the land of geekdom.

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