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Shiny and Chrome! Ring in the New Year with These Eye-Catching Ensembles

Shiny and Chrome! Ring in the New Year with These Eye-Catching Ensembles

New Year’s Eve is a time for celebration, fun, and fashion. Putting together the perfect outfit is all choosing the right fabrics, cut, and style. This is not the time for subtlety, so look for fabrics with shine, shimmer, sparkle, and texture. Many party-goers choose form-fitting dresses, but you can also find longer dresses with a beautiful drape to them or go with a classic vintage style. If you’d like to add a touch of geek to your ensemble, think about integrating one of your favorite characters or properties into your outfit as well. Each of the outfits below shows off a fun, flirty, and geeky style that showcases the fabric and styles of the season.


C3PO outfit

When most of us think of New Year’s Eve outfits, we think sparkle. In stores, you can find skirts, dresses, leggings, tops, and even shoes covered in sequines. New Year’s Eve is the time to stand out and embrace fun, flirty fabrics. This sleek dress from Modcloth would be perfect for a nod to our favorite protocol droid. Add a few extra gold accessories like these gorgeous gold heeled sandals from Asos, a C3P0-themed necklace from Etsy seller MissEsAccessories, a hair bow from Magical Ribbons, and some fun fingerless gloves from eBay.

VINTAGE (Captain America)

Captain America outfit

A classic vintage look from the 1940s or 50s would be a beatiful choice if you’re looking to show a little less skin. Pair this red dress from Modcloth with these one-of-a-kind (and sparkly) pair of heels from Etsy seller WickedAddiction for a colorful nod to Captain Steve Rogers. Add a few more colorful details like this fascinator from Etsy seller MadamaMerrywidow, a shield-shaped purse from TrendyBlendy, and these simple stud earrings from SuperHeroStuff.


Loki outfit

Velvet is a luxurious fabric with an amazing texture to it. This classic olive velvet gown from PinUp Girl Clothing would look right at home on the trickster God. Look like a movie star with some vintage style gold accessories like these gladiator sandals from Forever21, a 1920s-style gold beaded purse from UniqueVintage, a custom gold leather necklace from Etsy seller TheLeatherGeek based on Loki’s costume, and these Grecian hair clips from ModCloth.

SHIMMER (Star Sapphire)

Star Sapphire outfit

Add some bold color to your evening with this bombshell dress from Pin-Up Girl Clothing. It’s made with a stretchy Lurex material that gives the dress a gorgeous shimmer. This dress would make the Star Sapphires proud, so stick with the color theme and pair it with these magenta heels from Sam Edelman and clutch from the Dessy Group. Add this themed necklace from PendantGeek for just a hint of geek.

SHINE (Black Widow)

Black Widow outfit

The centerpiece of this look is a faux-leather black skirt from Target with a beautiful shine to the fabric. Layer this over a sexy red sheath dress from Forever21. Add a pair of classic red pumps from Payless. Pair these with this grenade coin purse from UniqueVintage, and you’ll have a fun and subtle Black Widow look.


TARDIS outfit

This exquisitely draped Grecian-style dress from Modcloth seems custom-made for the Doctor’s sexy blue box. For a few extra time traveling elements, find a killer pair of shoes like these custom heels from Etsy seller PrincessNightmare, pair it with a blue Grecian headband from Etsy Seller FunFashionAccess, a blue Union Jack clutch from eBay user Doria, and these great Galifrey earrings from Shapeways.

What are your party plans for the new year? We’d love to hear what you’ll be wearing in the comments below.

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